Tablets ordered…waiting

At the induction session, it turned out all participants wanted to get android devices. They reckoned that most of their students were on android devices given that there is one for almost every pocket.

The tablets have now been ordered and we are awaiting delivery.

Additionally, from a resource development perspective, uploading apps to the Google play store is quicker that doing so for the Apple app store.

One of the lecturers is going to be working with MIT’s app inventor which creates apps for androids. In considering how her students will work,  the issue of connectivity has come up again.

The ICT development plan  includes  a schedule to have some upgrade to the WIFI but as yet no definitive action is happening. Generally, WIFI is not guaranteed in any location for now. Bearing this in mind, and given the challenges we faced last time, I am working on one or two back up plans.

Two of the lecturers this time are based in Bolton street. Bolton street is similar to Kevin street where we had the last implementation of in-class mobile learning in that it is an old building.

Lecturers are reminded about the O2 offer for education. It would be nice to see other providers match this or do better!

You can explore the 3 explorations of mobile learning implementation via the links.


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