Apps for research and academic writing

Referencing is an important part of  academic writing and  in higher education in general. It is also one that many students get wrong.

Across the DIT, depending on subject area, there are various referencing styles in use. There are various guides from the DIT libraries on how to reference properly. For example, the ones here.

Once you have got a handle on why and how to reference.  There are various tools that help you manage your referencing such as endnote.

If you use a smart phone or a tablet, you can take advantage of apps like those listed below:

ReferenceME (free) allows you scan the ISBN of a book and add generated a citation based on the style you are using, and and populates your bibliography. It however, only does books and journals, but it allows you choose which referencing style you want to use.

Easy Harvard Referencing  (limited free version and paid version) does a range of sources but only the Harvard referencing style. The makers of this app have separate apps for other referencing styles. It is available on both the Android and Apple platforms.

Then there is Refscan from Thomson Reuters. This is supposed to work with your endnote account, but it is only available for iphones at the moment.

If you try out or have tried out any other similar apps, do share your experiences with us.

If you would like to know more about academic writing, see this video where Dr. Ziene Mottiar(DIT),  speaks to Dr. Roisin Donnelly(DIT) about academic writing. They discuss the importance of academic writing and provide tips of how you can improve your academic writing.



  1. The video does not appear to play on the galaxy tab.

    1. Hiya, Can you view YouTube videos? Try checking it on YouTube.

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