Tick Tock…summer’s fading…

With the pleasant summer weather now behind us, minds are focusing on the upcoming start of the academic year.

For most  people in the DIT community, plans are being finalised for the next academic term and the logistics of how things will work is always at the back of our minds.  For participants on this mobile tablet loan scheme,the uncertainty around matters like the timetable, learning spaces, students makes planning quite challenging, but that is part of the package in carrying out a project like this in the educational space.

We are also wondering what types of devices the students will be bringing.

The participants have also submitted applications for ethical approval that will allow for the evaluation of this exercise and the sharing/dissemination of the results.

We will meet again next week and that will be the last meeting before the term starts. By the next time we meet, the participants will likely have had at least one encounter. I hope that there will be some feedback on how the technology may have engaged this students. Charlie asks on his recent blog post whether it is not the duty of educators to ignite the student’s interest.  While I agree with that on the surface, I would add that at some point the student needs to take some responsibility for their own learning but the educators should make it easy for them to link back and provide ongoing support. Technologies available today allow this to happen.

Avril’s implementation of using mobile technology is engaging students to be active learners and also giving them the scope to direct their learning. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out over the next term.

By the way, on screensharing for your tablet  it would seem I am too demanding of my technologies…Avril actually finds it works okay for her purposes, have a look at her blog post.


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