Project Update, after a few weeks in the trenches

Today the group have had a chance to meet after being immersed in their work for a few weeks.

They now have a sense of how things are playing out and their perspectives about their implementation using mobile technologies including enabling student’s to “bring their own devices.”

Now, as already mentioned before, there are different focuses in the projects, this gives a chance to view things from more than one perspective.

Avril is supporting students to build an app which takes advantage of the affordances of the mobile phone in the context of her subject matter. Charles is creating content for mobile devices -mostly videos-animations, and Sylvia is also looking at creating a catalogue of mobile enabled resources.

From the lecturer’s observation so far, students don’t seem to be that keen to use their mobile devices in-class. Although  Charles’s students have done so peharps, moreso than the others at this stage and have even expressed their “appreciation” for the resources. We reckon that the brevity and accessibility are contributing factors to how useful they have been.

We also wondered if there is a bit of a cultural adaptation going on. Considering these are 1st year student across all the projects. They are coming from the second level environment where they were discouraged for the most part from using their phones in class. Now, suddenly they are told to use them as a resource for learning?

Generally, there is a sense of purpose about the implementations carried out and while there have been hurdles and challenges along the way, these have encourage quick thinking and finding alternative ways to get things done.

One thing that has been highlighted though is the slowness of the institution to accommodate the technologies that lecturers are being encouraged to use, and the lack of interoperability of systems.

Luckily though, all three staff are still on board, so we discussed what might be a good way to contribute to the learning and teaching showcase in January 2014.


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