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Meeting after the term’s work…

Yesterday, I met with the others in the Bolton street campus. Was nice to get outJ As it’s now nearly the end of term, it was a good time to reflect on how things have played out. From my perspective as an eLearning developer/learning technologist, it has been quite a rollercoaster. As identified by the […]

Project Update, after a few weeks in the trenches

Today the group have had a chance to meet after being immersed in their work for a few weeks. They now have a sense of how things are playing out and their perspectives about their implementation using mobile technologies including enabling student’s to “bring their own devices.” Now, as already mentioned before, there are different […]

Thots on Mast3@DIT Induction Session

  In a post here, Geomatics lecturer reflects on her first meeting with the students. The session went considerably well and when you consider the technical challenges, we might say it went VERY well, so well done A! Doing a dry run of your proposed implementation to test connections, etc is definitely important, but sometimes […]

Random thots…

I have trawled through the App-store and Google-play for apps to try out and recommend to lecturers.  In truth, there are countless of such lists so I will just link to them rather than re-invent the wheel. Some of them are  paid while others are free. Given that in education, we often prefer the free […]

Nearly lift off…

It is now the beginning of term time. The campus is buzzing with registration, new and old students returning, enrolment for modules… The lecturers I have been working with over the summer, have prepared as much as is possible. Lesson plans with specifics of the technology integration have been made, ethical clearance sought and the […]

Data Protection, Privacy and mobile learning

There is a good bit to think about with this so, this will be split over two posts. As the participants on this project have been sorting out ethical considerations, one of the things that came up was handling of data. Data refers to automated and manual data.  Automated data means any information on computer, […]

Tick Tock…summer’s fading…

With the pleasant summer weather now behind us, minds are focusing on the upcoming start of the academic year. For most  people in the DIT community, plans are being finalised for the next academic term and the logistics of how things will work is always at the back of our minds.  For participants on this […]

Some more notes from meeting 3

There was a question about embedding twitter in blackboard. Yes, it can be done and here is how: 2. There is a list of eLearning Journals here: 3. Christopher Pappas is an instructional designer/eLearning expert who shares insights about authoring tools, mlearning and more on his social bookmarking site specifically for eLearning:  

Equity in classroom, Consistency in the learning experience: Mobile Meeting 3

As you are aware I have been looking at screen sharing apps. Have you had a chance to try out teamviewer yourself? What did you think? I don’t seem to be able to use it on the DIT network which I suppose isn’t unexpected due to security considerations. I could use it when I set […]

Evaluating your Mobile Learning Implementation- Meeting 2

Today tablets have been handed out in their boxes and with a leather case. If you use any accessories with yours that might be beneficial to others, please share on your blog. I have suggested that you set up wordpress/blogger/whatever blogging client you are using on your tablet for easy updating of your blog. This […]