Today tablets have been handed out in their boxes and with a leather case. If you use any accessories with yours that might be beneficial to others, please share on your blog. I have suggested that you set up wordpress/blogger/whatever blogging client you are using on your tablet for easy updating of your blog. This […]

Tablet have now arrived and are waiting to be Asset-tagged. In the meantime, the following activities are planned: Download and Configure WordPress/Blogger/other relevant app for your blog so that you can also update from your tablet. Start to work out a specific plan for your activities for the term. Describe the plan as specifically as […]

Referencing is an important part of  academic writing and  in higher education in general. It is also one that many students get wrong. Across the DIT, depending on subject area, there are various referencing styles in use. There are various guides from the DIT libraries on how to reference properly. For example, the ones here. […]

At the induction session, it turned out all participants wanted to get android devices. They reckoned that most of their students were on android devices given that there is one for almost every pocket. The tablets have now been ordered and we are awaiting delivery. Additionally, from a resource development perspective, uploading apps to the […]

Slides for mobile learning intro: Today we met for the induction session. We discussed: An overview of mobile learning. And we also discussed what the participants will be doing and how they intend to use their tablets over the next while. As part of the exercise, the participants will be blogging about their experiences. In […]

DIT is currently exploring mobile learning from different perspectives. What this blog allows us to do it to share such explorations in a public space and get feedback, suggestions from all interested. There have been a few implementations of mobile learning incorporation the use of texts, student owned devices, and much more. Future posts will […]