Mobile Tablet Loan scheme Application

Mobile Tablet Loan Scheme

A tablet computer or “Mobile tablet” or “tablet” is a one piece device that provides computing functionality. The one piece is a touch screen through which users interact with the system. Examples include the ipad, google nexus, Samsung galaxy. Like other computers, they run applications on an operating system. The most popular operating systems being iOS and Android. Applications (apps) used on the tablets include: There is a whole industry serving app development.



To facilitate Academic staff familiarity with mobile devices, the LTTC is launching the “Tablet Lending Scheme for Academic Staff”.

Following the NDLR project (mCSI), other implementations of Mobile learning and further communication and feedback from academic staff, unfamiliarity wit the technology is often given as a reason for not incorporating the use of mobile technologies in teaching and for facilitating learning.

With this scheme, the LTTC aims to make tablets available for teaching staff who want to experiment with them for teaching.

The LTTC is inviting proposals from academic/teaching staff who would like to experiment with mobile tablets in their teaching practices and methods as well as using them to support their work. We are particularly interested in proposals that include incorporating student owned devices where possible.

We hope that the scheme will encourage new, interesting and innovative applications of the use of mobile technology for teaching.

Some examples of educator use of tablets are:

  • As part of the creation of an app you intend to use in the classroom
  • To share textbooks or other interactive material in class
  • To carry out interactive exercises
  • To use in conjunction with student owned devices
  • Creating of ebooks
  • Sharing resources on the go…e.g video and photographs.
  • etc

Application details

If you have an idea about how you might want to use a tablet for teaching, please send an outline/proposal to .
Your proposal should describe how you intend to use the tablet over the period of one academic term (September 2013 to December 2013).

If your proposal includes the creation of an app, or if you have any questions, please contact Claudia.

You may apply to use an Apple iPad OR an Android depending on availability.


Closing date for applications: 17th of May 2013
Proposals will be evaluated and successful Applicants will be notified by   10th of June 2013;

As well as attending mobile learning informational sessions/workshops, feedback and practice sharing sessions and maintaining a reflective record of work, at the end of the programme, all successful applicants will:

  1. Return their tablet and accompanying items,
  2. Submit a short report outlining their experience with the tablet. The report should include the Objectives, Procedures/Methods, Outcomes, Evaluation, Challenges encountered, Future plans.

*Informational, feedback & practice exchange Sessions

If you have been selected for the loan scheme, you will be asked to attend an induction session during which you will receive tablet and any accompanying items. There will be further feedback sessions at which attendance is compulsory.

Terms & Conditions

  • You understand that you will return the tablet on or before 31st of December 2013*.
  • You understand that you will bear the costs of replacing the tablet and the accompanying items if any of these are lost or damaged beyond repair. You are also liable for any damage not covered by warranty.

*If your module extends to January, please specify this in your application.


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